We can do anything!

We can do anything!

We can work with any materials, including specialized texts, translate to over 100 languages and provide notary services.



Translation of all terms, names, compliance with GOST standards and the requirements of the host country

Always on time

Always on time

We are not afraid of large volumes and when the translation is needed by «yesterday»

Legal translationLegal translation is one of the trademark and most popular services of the Win-Win Translation Services, it concerns all kinds of legal and registration documents. More and more Russian companies cooperate with foreign partners and emerge at the international level, so legal translation is our key area of priority. Such a service can be useful not only for companies and entrepreneurs, but also for individuals. Legal translation includes:

  • Contracts (purchase/sale, supply, lease, services contracts, agreements), agreements;
  • The company's constituent documentation (statutory documents, constituent agreements, protocols, registration certificates, license agreements);
  • Business licenses, permits;
  • Legislative acts;
  • Power of attorney, certificates;
  • Insurance documents;
  • Patents;
  • Procedural documents (requests, court decisions, resolutions);
  • Wills, gift agreements;
  • Documents issued by the state authorities of Russia or a foreign state;

What are the special features?

-Attention to details This sort of work needs the diligence and legal awareness of translators. When it comes to translating legal documents, every footnote and comment are important.

Therefore, our translators and editors proofread the text several times and make sure that nothing is missed.

-Peculiarities of translation of foreign documents The difference in the legal systems of countries is crucial: for example, in English there are three words to describe the relation of property and debt. In the Russian language it is just one word and the meaning is quite broad. Legal subject matter doesn't go well with approximate understanding. If the translator misunderstands the meaning of the sentence or uses an incorrect term, this can lead to multi-million lawsuits, mutual claims and time lost. That is why you should entrust the order to a reliable translation services company already at the initial stage. Our translators will sink into the subject matter of your document and make sure to convey all shades of meaning.

-Uniformity A translator of legal documents has to ensure the uniformity of the translation, which means that the parties of the agreement, proper names, addresses and key terms shall be translated the same way in accordance with each other throughout the document. This is especially true for large volumes of texts or when a whole archive of documents is being translated. For such cases, we compile individual glossaries for each client here at Win-Win.

– Accuracy Our translators will accurately choose the meanings of words and keep to the concord in long intricate legal formulations and complex constructions where there is neither beginning nor end at first sight.

Legal translation is a time-consuming process, the translator needs to know the features of legal documents and be able to correctly use special vocabulary. Win-Win's translators have worked with the world's largest brands (Taihan Electric Wire, British Airways, ArcosJet, Hyundai Corporation, and others) and Russian brands (ARTLIFE, Podruzhka, Sibur PJSC). We have translated statutory agreements and other legal documents for these companies. Our team has specialists who are familiar with tax and civil law. Remember that accurate translation provides additional protection of your interests.

Is notarization needed?

Depending on the purpose, but it is necessary to take into account the purpose: if the text is needed for acquaintance or for the internal needs of the company, then notarization is not required, or it is enough to set the seal of a translation services company to the document. Notarization is required when applying to government agencies or resolving disputes in court.

How much does it cost and how do I place an order?

You can check the approximate price using our calculator. You can also contact our managers, who will be happy to assist you.

We try to be extremely flexible for our clients and take orders both in our offices and by e-mail and messengers. The time of completion depends on the urgency: if you are in a hurry, we can give you a finished translation within an hour after the order is confirmed. The standard deadline starts at one working day. You can receive the order by courier, by e-mail or at our offices.

Examples of our work

Translation of the certificate on state registration of the legal entityTranslation of the certificate on state registration of the legal entity from Chinese
Translation of the contractShop fittings manufacturing contract
Translation of child travel consentChild travel consent


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Quickly translated a scientific article on blockchain and cryptography. I was pleasantly surprised to find competencies in a highly specialized IT field. A special feature – they work including completely online (both ordering and payment).



Excellent quality, everything is on time. I use their services both for personal purposes and for business. The best translation company of all with whom I have worked.

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