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Everything that is important to know about the notarized translation of a passport from a foreign language

NOTARIZED PASSPORT TRANSLATIONA passport is our main document which is required in almost all conditions of life. Its translation is necessary for both individuals and legal entities when processing documents for foreign consulates, visa centers, migration services, courts and other international organizations.

We know how intrusive and inquisitive employees of such instances might be, so the easiest way is to entrust notarized translation of a passport to professionals who are proficient in the language and have experience in translating documents.

The price of your peace of mind at the Win-Win Translation Services is from 500 rubles, depending on the language which you need to translate your passport from.

Who applies to us for a notarized translation of a passport?

Most often, our Translation Services Company is contacted with a request for passport translation services with notarization:

  • Foreign students;
  • Citizens of the CIS and other foreign countries who need legal employment in Russia;
  • Individuals-citizens of the Russian Federation who need to submit documents to foreign consulates;
  • Legal entities.

When do citizens of the Russian Federation apply to us for passport translation?

You need to translate a Russian passport into foreign languages and notarize it if you:

  • are getting married to an overseas prince or princess (i.e. a citizen of a foreign state);
  • inheriting a villa, an apartment, a house by the sea or just land in another country;
  • preparing documents for concluding legal transactions for an individual or a legal entity (for example, opening a branch of office abroad or changing an expires driver's license in another country);
  • getting a long-expected residence permit or acquiring citizenship of a foreign state;
  • want to try your luck in finding employment abroad, i.e. to work for hire in a foreign company or open your own company as a legal entity.

If you are a foreign citizen, why do you need to translate your passport with notarization?

If you have citizenship of another country, you will need notarized passport translation in the Russian Federation when:

  • Entering a university;
  • Finding official employment;
  • Issuing a bank card;
  • Executing a notarial contract;
  • Obtaining a driver's license;
  • Applying for a residence permit, for example, in the well-known Multifunctional Migration Center in Sakharovo or in other departments.

At the same time, in most cases, a notarized translation of all passport pages, including blank ones, is required.

Most often, notarized translations of all passport pages are requested in:

  • migration services;
  • consulates of other countries when applying for a visa;
  • foreign banks;
  • registry offices.

Why are we better than others?

We work so that you have more time for important things: communicating with the loved ones, trip planning and packing a suitcase. Our specialists translate passports into 100+ foreign languages including not only the popular ones: English, French, Italian, German, Chinese, but also more exotic ones: Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi, Croatian, Hebrew and others.

Why else should you contact us?

– We do not require the original document: to provide the service, it is enough to send a scanned copy of all the pages or the main page of the passport to e-mail or messenger; – You can conveniently place an order online on our website with the subsequent delivery of a notarized translation without visiting the office (but if you want to see us in person, we are always glad to see you); – We cooperate with reliable and verified notaries in Moscow and to date have already translated several thousand passports for our happy clients who have altered their lives for the better; – We know how important it is to submit documents on time, so we work not only painstakingly and competently, but also quickly. Speaking of deadlines!

How long does it take to prepare translation?

The issuance of the ready translation of the passport with notarization is possible: – The next day after placing the order; – On the same day; – And even after only an hour, if you needed the document "yesterday".

How much does it cost?

Our prices start from 500 rubles depending on the language and urgency. Just select the foreign language you need for translation and the order completion dates according to the table below and do what exactly requires your attention entrusting the execution of the service to our professionals!

Examples of our work

Passport translation example
Notarized passport translation example
Apostilled document example

Notarized translation of the passport of a citizen of the People's Republic of China



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