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Save money

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Urgent translation

Urgent translation

Do you need to translate your documents and notarize them as fast as possible? Time us!



No time to pick up the order? We get it, our courier is already on the way

express translationYour flight is tomorrow and you need your power of attorney translated asap? The contract is about to be sighed but it is still not translated? Place new equipment into service and need to translate the instructions asap? Stay calm and let us solve this problem. Win-Win Translation Services offers express translation services to clients who are in a hurry. We are ready to perform any translation for you in the required time.

What does "express" mean?

The standard order volume is up to 10-15 pages in one working day. But if your text exceeds this volume or you need a translation "yesterday" – we will help you with our service "translation in an hour".

Why contact Win–Win Translation Services for an express translation?

1. We are not afraid of short deadlines or large volumes In case of an express order for dozens or even hundreds of pages, we form a team of translators and assign an editor to the project who will divide the text into parts, distribute them among translators, ensure uniformity of terms and seamless integration of several parts of the text. This is relevant for legal translation or technical documentation. The text will be proofread several times and the order will be ready in the shortest possible time. At the final stage editing by a native speaker and layout in any formats is possible.

2. We use advanced translation technologies, thanks to them we achieve compliance with the translation of terms and titles in the text, as well as eliminate human errors.

3. We weren`t born yesterday We are not just intermediaries between the customer, translators and the notary office. Win-Win has its own staff of highly qualified translators who fulfil express orders. This also makes it easier to communicate with us since you can tell the editor all your wishes and comments, thus important information will not be lost.

4. In touch 24/7 Win-Win Translation Services stays in touch even in off hours, we will help you late at night, early in the morning and even on weekends. You can contact us by phone, messengers and e-mail.

5. Everyone in their position We appreciate quality and accuracy, so we choose specialist translators who are strong in a specific subject for each order. Be sure that your order will be fulfiled by the most qualified translator.

6. It is convenient to work with us We accept payment in any way convenient for you. And if you need to pick up a document for translation/notarization or deliver a ready order, our courier is always at a low start.

What does the price depend on?

The price of such a service is influenced by:

  • Urgency and volume of the source text;
  • Complexity of the text: it is important to take into account the subject of the text and the density of special terms;
  • the rarity of the source language and the target language: for instance, express translation from English takes less time than the translation of a similar text from Chinese or Korean;

How to order?

To make an order, contact us in any convenient way: by phone, email, messenger, or in person at the office. Our managers will promptly tell you the prices, possible deadlines and answer your questions.

We will send a ready order by e-mail or by courier.

What is the payment procedure?

As a rule, we work on prepayment if there is a small express order (when there is no time to negotiate a contract and observe formalities). At the same time, we discuss all the conditions – cost and terms – in advance.

When working with large orders, we conclude a contract with the client for the provision of translation services to protect your and our rights and interests.

Advantages for corporate clients

Our regular customers enjoy a number of privileges: after signing the contract, we offer the possibility of post-payment by bank transfer, as well as bonuses in the form of volume discounts, a personal manager and various preferences.

Not only translation

If you require the services of notarized translation or notarial copying, apostille, consular legalization or other related services, we also provide them all. For more information, see the section "Notary services" on our website.

Examples of our work

Translation of a child travel consentChild travel consent
Translation of a vaccination certificateNotarized translation of a COVID-19 vaccination certificate
Passport translationTranslation of a Chinese citizen passport


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Translation of foreign personal documents Translation of russian personal documents

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Quickly translated a scientific article on blockchain and cryptography. I was pleasantly surprised to find competencies in a highly specialized IT field. A special feature – they work including completely online (both ordering and payment).



Excellent quality, everything is on time. I use their services both for personal purposes and for business. The best translation company of all with whom I have worked.

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Thank you for the apostille services. Record terms! Clear communication, polite employees, responsibility and efficiency.

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