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Urgent translation

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Notarized translation of a diploma of education

Notarized translation of a university, master's degree or postgraduate diploma (or translation of a diploma with notarization) is a service that implies the presentation of information on higher education in compliance with the notary's and receiving party's standards. This public document will help the applicant easily confirm their qualifications, successfully find a job or enter a university in another country. And the high-quality translation will not give rise to unfavourable criticism during a detailed check.

Cases when translation of a diploma with notarization is required in

Diploma translation service from Russian into a foreign language for:

  • Persons planning to move abroad with subsequent employment.
  • Students who have decided to get an additional specialty abroad or continue their studies at a foreign university.
  • Citizens who have chosen remote official employment from a foreign employer.
  • Foreigners planning to apply for a work visa.
  • Employees of enterprises invited to an internship, training or training seminar.

Details of a diploma translation

Work with documents confirming education has its own peculiarities. Priority is given to:

  • The thorough indication of the names or transcription of the studied scientific disciplines taking into account the specialization of an educational institution. For example, biology, chemistry and other natural sciences can be named differently for a future researcher, doctor, ecologist or employee of a processing enterprise.
  • The need to achieve a complete match of the format of the source and the original.
  • The exact indication of the degree obtained corresponding to a similar title in the country where you plan to continue your studies or get a job.
  • The compliance with the requirements of the educational institution for future admission.
  • Formatting of all transmitted information. The diploma and supplement to it are considered two different documents, but they are not interchangeable and are subject to separate formatting and notarization.
  • Mandatory specification of all seals and stamps affixed to the pages.
  • Attention to details and responsibility. Any chance mistake in grades can negatively affect the amount of points for admission.

Compliance with these conditions is a guarantee of obtaining a legally competent document that does not require rechecking.

The possibility of your own preparation of diploma translation

Yes, if you know exactly what the disciplines you have studied are called in another language and you know all the formatting rules. However, self-translation by an unqualified translator will only be an unnecessary draft. No notary will certify such a dilettante document, and an educational institution will not accept it for consideration for organizing your admission. And the employer will not risk hiring an employee who decided to confirm their qualifications so negligently. Only as a result of professional work you will get a document that has full legal force and points at your progress fully and accurately.

Advantages of professional notarized diploma translation

Having vast experience and thorough knowledge of requirements of the quality of translations, our specialists are ready to guarantee:

  • Short preparation time up to one hour.
  • Exceptional accuracy of translation which even a native speaker will not find fault with.
  • Competent formatting without the need for revision.
  • Confirmation of the legality and legal force of the information which does not require clarification.
  • The possibility of unlimited use of translated documents to certify your qualifications along with the original.

The deadline for diploma translation is 1 day for ordinary documents, during the day – for urgent orders. The deadlines for completion of unordinary documents are calculated individually.

Cost of service

The cost of the translated diploma depends on the urgency of preparation and the volume of the original. The cost is calculated on the individual basis and agreed upon with the client before the start of work.

Why you should take advantage of our offer

  • We will select the optimal format for the notarized translation of your diploma taking into account your intentions in order to abandon your unnecessary spending and expectation.
  • We will fulfill the most urgent order. A new document will be prepared and notarized within an hour after submitting the original.
  • We will arrange the delivery of documents in Moscow or to another city.
  • We always meet deadlines and never let customers down.
  • We will surprise you with reasonable prices and prove that a professional service can be affordable.
  • We guarantee the confidentiality of client's personal data.

How to place your order

You can make an application in the office or online on the website. A high-quality scan or photocopy of the document shall be attached to the order. After receiving it, the manager will contact you to clarify the details of translation. The cost of a service is calculated taking into account the amount of work to be done, and the calculation is carried out at the time of the receipt of the documents.



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Quickly translated a scientific article on blockchain and cryptography. I was pleasantly surprised to find competencies in a highly specialized IT field. A special feature – they work including completely online (both ordering and payment).



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