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Urgent translation

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Always there for you 24/7

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What is an apostille?

Example of an apostilleAn apostille is an international standard stamp that is affixed on the original documents or notarized copies of non-commercial documents to give them legal force on the territory of all countries which have signed the Hague Convention on the Mutual Recognition of Apostilled Documents (full list of member countries of the Convention). These documents are recognized by official authorities and do not require additional certification or legalization, however the receiving party often requests a notarized translation.

In what cases is an apostille required?

For Russian citizens abroad: For foreign citizens in the Russian Federation:
  • for applicants who admit to foreign educational institutions – they need an apostille on their certificates and diplomas;
  • for those wishing to register a marriage in a foreign country – they need an apostille on their birth certificate;
  • for those leaving for other countries for permanent residence – they need many of their personal documents to be apostilled;
  • an apostille for a certificate or diploma will be required for foreign citizens to enter Russian educational institutions;
  • those applying for a temporary residence permit, residence permit or Russian citizenship – they need an apostille on a certificate of no criminal record;

Where to get an apostille?

First of all, you need to understand what exactly the requesting party needs: an apostille on the original document, on a notarized copy or on a translation. This will determine the procedure and the authority to which you will need to apply:

  • Main Directorate of the Ministry of Justice – affixes an apostille to notarized documents (notarized copies, translations) and copies of court decisions;
  • Main Informational and Analytical Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs affixes an apostille to certificates of no criminal record and archival certificates;
  • Department of Education – puts apostilles on documents confirming education, qualifications, academic degrees and titles (diplomas, certificates, etc.). Provision of original documents is a mandatory condition;
  • Civil Registry office – is needed if it is necessary to legalize birth, marriage, divorce, death certificates, etc.

In all these institutions, you will have to spend a lot of time waiting in line, filling out all the papers correctly, and preparing the documents in accordance with the rules of each institution, and paying the fees.

Do you want to save time and energy? Don't rack your brains and contact us. We are perfectly familiar with all the details of the preparing of documents for apostille at any government structure, we will do all the procedures for you – quickly and accurately.

How much is it?

The cost of affixing an apostille in our company is 4500 rubles for 1 document, including all state fees. You can order this service for several documents and get a discount. It should be taken into account that in some cases, a notarized translation is also required for the apostille, so the time and cost would include the translation itself, as well as, if necessary, the making of notarized copies.

Using our calculator you can learn the price including additional services for notarial translation and delivery if necessary.

When will it be ready?

The time depends on the apostille authority and may vary. Standard duration of the procedure in the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Civil Registry Office is 5-7 working days. The Department of Education takes the longest – from 40 working days. The deadlines are looming and there is no time to wait? The Win-Win Translation Services will affix an apostille to your documents in 1-2 business days.

What do I need to provide?

To order an apostille, you must provide the original documents. We will make notarized copies, translate the document and certify it. For affixing the apostille in the Department of Education you will need to grant a power of attorney to one of our employees. There's no way without it.

Which countries do not require an apostille?

Some states (including members of the Hague Convention) have separate agreements on mutual recognition of documents, for example, the former CIS countries, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, etc. In this case, a notarized translation is probably enough. Full list of countries that do not require an apostille.

Are apostille and a consular legalization the same thing?

No. If the country didn't sign the Hague Convention, then you will not need an apostille, but a consular legalization. By the way, we also provide this service.

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Apostille on the copy of a birth certificate
Example of an apostille
Apostilled document example

Apostilling the notarized copy of a birth certificate



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