We can do anything!

We can do anything!

We can work with any materials, including specialized texts, translate to over 100 languages and provide notary services.



Translation of all terms, names, compliance with GOST standards and the requirements of the host country

Always on time

Always on time

We are not afraid of large volumes and when the translation is needed by «yesterday»

Technical translationIt is used when we deal with scientific and technical documentation. It includes:

  • Instructions, manuals (from setting up / installing equipment to using household items);
  • Technical specifications;
  • Schemes, drawings; 
  • Projects materials and estimate documents;
  • Texts containing technical specifications;
  • Engineering projects;
  • Presentations, reports;
  • Certificates and patents;

It requires highly specialized knowledge in the field to which the technical text relates. A special feature of such documentation is its high information value, strict logic and unambiguousness. Therefore, the translator must be very careful with the terms.

If the operation manual od some expensive equipment is incorrectly translated, you may not only encounter huge financial losses, but also cause health hazards. Obviously, such translation can only be performed by a reliable professional who understands the cause-and-effect relationships in technical processes.

Why Win-Win Translation Services?

1. Our company has highly qualified staff who have experience working with various subject matters:

  • Medicine/medical equipment;
  • Light / heavy industry;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Aviation technology;
  • Oil and gas production/processing, energy;
  • Construction;
  • Engineering;

2. Each translator at "Win-Win" Translation Services has their own specialization, we assign a professional with experience in a particular field to perform the project. A translator specializing in the oil and gas industry will not be assigned to translate a manual for medical equipment.

3. We work with all file formats: MS Office (. doc, .xls,. ppt), Adobe (pdf), Autocad, MS Project, DjVu, SVG and other types of electronic documents.

4. We are not afraid of large volumes of work: if you have a manual, for example, which contains several hundred pages, we will organize a project team of professionals led by an editor who will put together all the parts of the project and proofread the text.

5. We also use advanced translation software and technology to ensure consistent translation across the entire document (or multiple documents) of any size and format, as well as when the work is being done by multiple translators.

How much does it cost and how to order?

The price depends on the how difficult the text is, how rare the language is and whether you need us to do the layout. Each order is individual. A technical translation from English will be cheaper than a similar order from Chinese. You should also keep in mind that technical translators are quite rare specialists with high qualifications. Our managers will consult you about the price, you can send the text to them via any way convenient for you.

Win-Win Translation Services accepts orders at our offices in Moscow, by delivery and also by e-mail. We can notarize the translation or affix it with the Seal of our company. You can receive the document by e-mail, in person when visiting our office or we can send our courier to your doorstep.

What should you pay attention to when ordering?

1. Abbreviations – do we decipher, duplicate, or translate them?

2. Marking of the equipment – do we transcribe it into the target language or leave the original one?

3. Your preferences – if you have any already completed translations or personal wishes for the translation of various terms (without distorting the essence of the text), we will be happy to take everything into account. For regular customers, we also keep glossaries with terms, proper names and your comments, so that you do not need to clarify the details time and time again.

4. Layout –what do you want the layout to look like? Do you need to prepare the document for print?

Examples of our work

Translation of manualTranslation and layout of the manual and technical documentation for the tomographic device VATECH PaX-i3D Smart PHT-30LFO
Translation of the presentationTranslation of the presentation of the South Korean company Taihan Electric Wire
Translation of drawingsTechnical regulations, drawings and installation instructions of DYECO Co.Ltd. for the production of terephthalic acid


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Translation of foreign personal documents Translation of russian personal documents

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Quickly translated a scientific article on blockchain and cryptography. I was pleasantly surprised to find competencies in a highly specialized IT field. A special feature – they work including completely online (both ordering and payment).



Excellent quality, everything is on time. I use their services both for personal purposes and for business. The best translation company of all with whom I have worked.

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