In what cases translation of documents is required?

Russian citizens need it for: Foreign citizens need it for:
  • submission of documents for a visa;
  • applying for permanent or temporary residence permit, citizenship;
  • Diplomas;
  • finding a job abroad;
  • driver's licenses;
  • registration of marriage and other actions related to registry offices;
  • admission to a foreign university;
  • doing business;
  • providing a police clearance certificate;
  • registration of real estate transactions;
  • notarial actions.
  • migration registration;
  • registration at the place of residence;
  • applying for permanent or temporary residence permit, citizenship;
  • registration of a work permit / patent;
  • employment in the Russian Federation;
  • issuing personal tax number, insurance policy;
  • admission to a Russian university;
  • bank card issuing;
  • registration of marriage and other actions related to registry offices;
  • registration of real estate transactions;
  • doing business;
  • notarial actions.

Types of translation certification:

  • by a notary;
  • by seal of a translation company;
  • without certification.

Is it obligatory to make a notarized translation of documents?

In 90% of cases, yes, it is, since translation notarization (also known as notarization of the translator's signature) is a noatry certificate that the translation was made by a certified translator with a proven required qualification, and such a translation can be trusted. Almost all transactions, paperwork and other official actions require a translation certified by a notary.

However, in some cases (e.g. for internal reporting), a requesting organization needs only a translation certified by a translation company seal, while in some countries, on the contrary, it is required not just to notarize a translation, but also to put an apostille. We provide these services as well. Even more rarely, no certification is required at all.

So what certification is required in my case?

According to our long-standing practice we are always ready to recommend the most preferable type of certification in your specific case, but only a recipient itself will answer this question more precisely than someone does. If it is impossible to clarify this in advance, then to save your money, you can order just a translation from us, and then, if necessary, we will notarize this translation.

If there is no room for mistake, then in this case we recommend ordering a notarized translation - this is a guarantee that the receiving party will do with no additional requests.

Peculiarities of document translation

Most often, the documents translation is not a complex linguistic task, however, a number of requirements are imposed on a translator of a company:

Maximum attentiveness to each letter or symbol

(after all, even one typo or mistake can make such translation not valid, person's identity would not be verified, and success of obtaining citizenship or your transaction is at stake);

Correct layout and formatting

(there are a number of nuances, requirements for translation, layout and formatting of the document. Further certification by a notary and acceptance of a document by a recipient depends on this);

Following the rules and customer-oriented approach

(What is meant here is the rules of transliteration and transcription, indicating dry stamps, correct translation of all abbreviations, names. For example, we always ask a client how to write his last name and first name in a passport / visa in order to ensure compliance with the translation, and thereby avoid problems in the future).

How much is it?

There are 2 types of documents:

- standard (they have a standard form and amount of information. It includes a passport, driver's licence, certificate of secondary / higher education, marriage certificate, etc.).

The cost of translating such documents is fixed and depends only on a target language. For example, a notarized translation into Russian of a foreign citizen's passport costs 1000 rubles, Driver's licence - 1200 rubles, marriage certificate into English - 1300 rubles).

Use our calculator to find out the price for your document.

- non-standard (there is no generally accepted template for them, and the amount of information can vary significantly. It includes a diploma supplement on higher education, work record book, etc.)

Cost of non-standard documents translation depends not only on a language, but also on text length that is calculated in numbers of characters and pages.

Our calculator will help you with that too.

What are the terms?

For standard documents, the usual term of a notarized translation is 1 working day, in the case of an urgent order, we can do it on the same day.

For non-standard documents, terms depend on a length of your text.

In any case, we try to meet our clients' needs and respect your wishes.

A unique service of our company for those who “need it even yesterday” is an extra-urgent notarized translation of standard documents in an hour.

How to order?

In our office.

Select our nearest office and bring a document - we will scan it and return an original immediately (this is very convenient: you do not need to worry about its safety, while an original copy remains with you) - pay for a service (we accept all payment methods) - take a finished translation within discussed terms.


Send us a scanned copy or a high-quality photo of your document in any convenient way: through an order form on our website / email / messenger - pay for a service - pick up finished translation at an office or order a courier. If you don't need a hard copy, we can send scans of a finished document by email / phone. Thus, you can not waste time on road at all, and get services remotely.

Examples of our work

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