We can do anything!

We can do anything!

We can work with any materials, including specialized texts, translate to over 100 languages and provide notary services.



Translation of all terms, names, compliance with GOST standards and the requirements of the host country

Always on time

Always on time

We are not afraid of large volumes and when the translation is needed by «yesterday»

Notarized translation

Our clients often ask us for a notarized translation. Win-Win Translation Services works with both individuals and legal entities. We translate and notarize the following documents:

For individuals: For legal entities:
  • Passports
  • High School Certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage, divorce, birth certificates and other documents issued by the Civil Registry Office
  • Driver's licenses
  • Medical documentation
  • Certificates issued by state authorities
  • References from work, place of study, etc.
  • Contracts
  • Licenses
  • Constituent agreements and corporate charters
  • Power of attorney
  • Certificates
  • Contracts
  • Work permit
  • Instructions
  • Accounting reports
  • Financial reports, etc.


Our services are not limited to the ones listed. Have you inherited a fortune from your uncle in Switzerland? We will translate and certify your donation quickly and competently!

What does it look like?

Notarized translationA notarized translation includes: 1. Complete and accurate translation into the required language 2. Affixing the document with the signature of a certified translator 3. Certification of the translator's signature with the notary's seal inclusion of the document in the register.

In the end, a page with the certification, which includes the number of pages, the translator's signature and the notary's seal is attached to the original document (or its high-quality photo, a photocopy or a certified copy depending on your requirments). A notarized translation requires attention to detail and compliance with official requirements. Fortunately, you will find all this at Win-Win!

In what cases you may need notarization?

A notarized translation is necessary for a document to have an official status in the Russian Federation and legal force in all state institutions in Russia. This is the main difference between a certified translation and the one bearing the seal of our company: in the first case, the document is requested by state authorities while the our own seal used in less formal cases, for instance, for the internal purposes of the company or for reports. Imagine that you want to apply for a temporary residence permit. In this case you will definetely need a translation of your passport with notary certification. The notary signature confirms that the work was performed by a professional certified translator which means the translation is correct and all the requirments are taken into account.

Here are a few other cases when certification may be needed:

For individuals: For legal entities:
  • When applying for a job in Russia as a foreigner;
  • When applying to Russian universities as a foreigner;
  • When applying for a job overseas as a Russian citizen;
  • When applying to universities overseas as a Russian citizen;
  • When traveling abroad for treatment;
  • When applying for a temporary residence permit, residence permit or Russian citizenship;
  • When marrying a foreigner;
  • When applying for a visa;
  • And in other cases.
  • When concluding an international business deal;
  • When importing foreign goods;
  • When exporting Russian goods;
  • When registering a foreign legal entity;
  • When opening branches of foreign companies;
  • When issuing technical passports for products;
  • And in other cases.

Where to get your notarized translation

It is almost impossible to get the certification for your translation yourself. For that you would need confirmation of the translator's qualifications and your translation should comply with all the requirments. But this is not all, you will need to find a good notary office that has experience in certifying translations and might spend a couple of hours in the line. The vast majority of people apply to translation services bureaus that directly work with the notary. At Win-Win Translation Services, this procedure usually takes one working day. We also offer the service "Translation in an hour", where within an hour we will translate your document, notarize it and hand it to you. Our office has been successfully cooperating with the leading certified notaries in Moscow for many years.

How to place your order

We are always happy to see you in our offices, where you can bring the necessary documents, which will be scanned, the original copies will be returned to you. You can pick up the order at the selected time. Win-Win Translation Services cares about your time: you can place an order online by sending scanned copies (or high-quality photos) of documents to our email address. If you cannot visit the office to receive the order, we will send it by courier or send the scanned documents to your email address. You can find out the cost by using our calculator or by consulting with our managers, who will respond to you in no time. The price depends on the volume and complexity of the work, the fee charged by the notary is also taken into account.

What to take into account

Proper nouns When certifying your translation it is extremely important that all the names and addresses are listed according to the spelling in official documents in the target language. For example, the name listed in the foreign power of attorney must exactly match your name in the passport. The same applies to the names of the companies, their legal address, etc., so we ask you to provide us with this information when placing the order. For regular customers, we keep glossaries, where we store all comments on previous orders.

One certification sheet is one document Clients sometimes wonder if it is possible to certify several texts at once with a single notary seal. According to the official requirements, each individual document is certified using a separate certification sheet. For example, the diploma and the diploma supplement must be certified separately, since these are two different documents.

Every seal matters All the contents of the translated document must be mentioned in the notarized translation: seals and seal numbers, signatures, registration numbers, phone numbers, etc. Sometimes documents issued in the CIS countries already have the Russian translation, but carry one seal in the native language. But even then it is necessary to certify the translation of the seal by a notary.

Translation or a copy Sometimes clients ask us to "notarize" some document issued in Russian, for example, a birth certificate. Often by this they mean making a notarized copy of the document, we also provide this service, but this is not a translation, but a notarization of the copy by a notary.

Original or copy We also ask our clients to inform us in advance what they need to attach the translation and the certification to: the original, a certified copy or a regular copy? This depends on the institution requesting the translation. As a rule,we use copies for passports, diplomas, licenses and similar documents and the original is not attached. However in case of different certificates and power of attorney you may need to attach the original to the translation.

Examples of our work

Notarized passport translation example
Notarized passport translation example
Notarized passport translation example

Notarized passport translation of a citizen of the People's Republic of China



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